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The Nation Of Judah Church is "NOT" Church as Usual. We are a Church that Lives and Moves through Kingdom Principals and Kingdom Laws. Our Vision is to Build Communities where we can Work, Live, Learn, Worship, Prosper, and Grow together as One Body.

Our focus is on the care, concern, equipping, and training those that want to live a Kingdom life and do Kingdom work to Win Souls, Restore the fallen Saints, provide Deliverance Ministry, Discipleship, and more in these last days. No Bench Warmers here! Everyone will have something to do.

Further as stated above, we plan to build TNOJC communities around the country, to provide a Safe Haven, Education, Job training, jobs, housing, daycare, set up, and establish businesses that employ our Kingdom Citizens (Members) to become a self sufficient Church Community, and a financially solvent Church, where we all live, move, and have our being and be prosperous as God intended..

We are looking for people Nationwide who will Join us today, and become apart of this Anointed True Kingdom Building Church. Be apart of this Awesome vision. Just fill out the form below, and Become a Kingdom Citizen today. It doesn't matter where you live or what state or even your country. We are a Church without walls doing the work and It was intended by Yahweh God, which was established by Yeshua ( Jesus) as we are built on the Solid Rock

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