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The Book Of Acts Week 3 Study

Jesus and the Apostle Week 3
(Acts 1:1-26)home_church_book

The Book Of Acts Week 3 Study, we will examine three narratives within the first chapter of Acts including:

  1. Luke’s prologue to the book
  2. Jesus’ instruction to his disciples to stay in Jerusalem
  3. Selecting a new apostle to replace Judas

Luke’s prologue in the Book of Acts

  • Read Acts 1:1-3 
  1. What is the “first account” to which Luke makes reference in Acts 1:1?  What did Luke write about in that first account?
  2. What is the relationship between this “first account” and the Book of Acts (considered to be a sequel to the “first account”)? How are the themes of Acts related to this “first account”?

Jesus’ instruction to his disciples to stay in Jerusalem

  • Read Acts 1:4-8
  1. In vv. 1:4-5, What did Jesus instruct his disciples to do and why?
  2. What three promises did Jesus make to his disciples should they adhere to his instructions?
  3. What role does Jerusalem play in the story that Luke relates between his gospel and Acts? 

Many commentators consider Acts 1:8 to be the key text in the Book of Acts.  

  1. What are the four main ideas that are contained within this verse? (Hint: The first is “receiving power”)
  2. Can you think of other passages or stories in Acts where these ideas appear again?

Selecting a new apostle to replace Judas

  • Read Acts 1:15-26

In the latter part of this chapter, Peter arises in the midst of the disciples and leads the group in selecting a new apostle.  

  1. Why was it necessary to replace Judas?  Why not go on with just 11 apostles?
  2. What criteria was necessary for someone to be chosen as an apostle?  (There were at least two criteria).  Why was this criteria important for the work of those first apostles? 
  3. What does this criteria say about the uniqueness of the first apostles?

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Apostle E. Townsend
Apostle E. Townsend
Apostle Townsend is the Visionary of The Nation Of Judah Church through the unction of the Ruach Hakodesh. He is a Husband, a Father of 2, The Apostle shows genuine love for all of God’s people, and people are drawn to it.. Apostle Townsend has served diligently in ministry since his childhood serving and training under some of the most influential Pastors in Ministry. His humble and simplistic style of teaching allows believers at all levels to understand the Word of God, and apply it to daily living.